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So I have the opportunity to take the AFAA Group Exercise Certification course locally and at a discounted price. I REALLY-REALLY want to sign-up and begin studying before the test in early June. This IS after all one of my 2012 goals! However I am scared to death!

I mean this is a serious chunk of cash (it doesn’t grow on trees) to take a very serious test (which I’ve heard by many close friends is very seriously hard to pass) at which the possibility of succeeding or failing hangs in a very thin balance. That scares me to the core!  Especially since I have the hardest time retaining crucial information these days!

However I do like to face a challenge head-on and even if I don’t succeed I will have known that I tried my hardest and put forth my best. The only part that is bothering me, besides the thought of a practical exam (the shy girl in me is horrified by this), is the tight-wad in me who is afraid of being out a huge chunk of cash if I totally face-plant #fail!  

And on the split side, I should not be a negative nellie and face my fears head-on!!!! —regardless of the consequences and costs!!!  That is part of taking a risk for something that is positive and life changing. And goodness knows, I’ve already been schooled on “taking risks for change” during this journey. 

I’m human. Full of emotion - yes + no’s… fear + courage. And I had to just put it out in the open, to be expressive, to make myself feel better about making a big decision at taking the next step.

In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of thinking to do… if any of you already have this certification, please feel free to share any advice, tips and encouragement to help soothe my worries. I look forward to hearing it all.

xoxo! -FFG

On a separate note, here is today’s workout:

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